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AA Related Sites
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (
    The AA General Service Office Official Website.
  • AA Grapevine (
    The AA Grapevine is the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous connecting  reaching out and connecting AA thru magazines, internet, and related items.
  • Conference-approved Audios and Videos
    General Service Conference Approved Videos, Audios and Public Service Announcements.
  • Northern Illinois Area 20 (
    The AA Northern Illinois Area 20 Website.
  • Soberfest (
    Link to the Annual McHenry Soberfest Website
Useful Software Apps:
  • Adobe Reader from (
    Popular free PDF (digital document) reader. Needed to view many of the forms and downloadable documents like the meeting schedule on our site and others.
  • Google Docs (
    Online alternative to Microsoft Office – basic online usage is free.
  • Libre Office from (
    Free (open source) Office suite compatible with Microsoft Office in case you do not have Microsoft Office (Word) and do not wish to purchase a license.
  • Microsoft Office (
    Windows Office suite paid version or signup for free online version.

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