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I started this topic “Webmaster Updates” 12/11/15 to share a summary of what changes are made each time I do an update to this website (except maybe minor tweaks of typos and such).  Hopefully it’ll help keep the new content from getting lost in cyberspace!
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  1. 1. added new Women’s Closed meeting to online schedule Wednesday 10:30AM First Congregational Church Huntley IL
    2. Name change St Joseph’s Big Book Monday 7:30PM Richmond used to be called 12 & 12.

  2. Meeting schedule update- removed Sunday 7:30PM “Sunday Night Serenity Seekers” Hope Church Crystal Lake.

  3. Uploaded January District Meeting Minutes and flyers from meeting
    Added Events Old Timers Brunch, NIA20 Winter Committee Service Orientation Workshop, NIA20 Spring Conference. and 2018 West Central Region AA Service Conference

  4. Update forms page to link directly to Area 20 website for new meetings (registration) & change forms.
    Updated introduction to meeting schedule page to remove secretary as where the forms should be submitted – they actually should go to Area (email is on forms).
    Also reworded to request mistakes on the page be sent to webmaster.

  5. Added workshop@ email address
    Updated contact us page to include Workshop contact
    Updated Form 4: Contact Us to include distribution to Workshop
    Updated Service Committees page to include Workshop

  6. Uploaded meeting minutes for December 2017 District 11 GSR meeting. Prepared categories for 2018 monthly reports.

  7. Corrected meeting location of Belt House Boys Tuesday 7:30PM meets at First Methodist Church in Crystal Lake, and was incorrectly listed at Alano Club of Crystal Lake. Please report any errors found in meeting list. Meeting locations and times change from time to time and come and go, but typos also happen – your input helps us keep the info accurate.

  8. Updated start time of Thursday Wanderers Group Sobriety and Beyond #2 to 7:30PM (previously was 8PM).

  9. Removed the following meeting from online schedule per request of meeting location because meeting disbanded:
    Prince of Peace
    932 McHenry Ave
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    Note pdf file is not updated, so this and other recent additions and deletions are not in the downloadable file.
    The PDF will be revised when the printed version is updated sometime 1st quarter of 2018.

  10. Added new menu link (Webmail Login) for District 11 Chairpersons to login to their respective email accounts through webmail, previously we had a District Webmail page that had link to a different address which was blocked by some networks. Forwarding emails is still an option, but forwarding sometimes is blocked or looks like spam to some services and can cause emails to go into spam by services like gmail, aol and others, if not completely blocked.

  11. Uploaded December District 11 Meeting Agenda, 2018 Budget, November Minutes and other meeting related reports for December meeting.

  12. Corrected link on our forms page to NIA 20 contribution form (on that websites Forms page) – current page is http://aa-nia.org/group-forms/
    You will also find new meeting forms and meeting change form on the NIA20 webpage – in near future we will likely update our page and remove the forms from our site and link directly to the whatever the Area is using so it will be consistent.

  13. Per Sid’s request on 12/7 via email, we have removed the following meetings from the website:
    Steps, Group Service # 674642
    Sunday, 9:00 AM
    Last Chance House
    244 Second Street
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    Big Book Workshop, Group Service # 674642
    Friday, 7:30 PM
    Last Chance House
    244 Second Street
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    1st Step/Bust Out, Group Service # 674642
    Saturday, 9:00 AM
    Last Chance House
    244 Second Street
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    Speaker, Group Service # 674642
    Saturday, 8:00 PM
    Last Chance House
    244 Second Street
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    Solution Run Riot – Speaker, Group Service # 104623
    Saturday, 9:00 PM
    Crystal Lake Alano Club
    36 N. Virginia Street
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014

  14. Huntley First Congregational Church changes to the District 11 meeting schedule:
    (updated in meeting finder not in the sept 2017 pdf file which will be done next printing)

    Monday 10:30am is Big Book (formerly 1st 164 group)
    Tuesday 1 pm is Grapevine (formerly 12 Traditions)
    Thursday 1 pm is How It Works/The Promises (formerly 24 Hrs a Day)

  15. I thought we posted this already, so apologies for not having it up sooner – McHenry Soberfest Nov 17-19th added to Events – See soberfest.org for registration and additional info.

  16. Removed 2 meetimgs from online schedule (and meeting finder app) that no longer exist and were not removed when printed schedule was updated in September:
    Marengo Wednesday 7PM 1st Presbyterian (Closed Big Book) and Saturday 7PM 1st Baptist (Marengo Recovery Group)

  17. Corrected Contact Us form – was missing DCM (not that she needs to receive more email, hehe).

    Uploaded GSR Meeting Agenda for November and Reports from Treasurer (plus proposed budget) and Answering Service (October)

  18. Added events – October 14 2017 Fall Committee Meeting, November 4, 2017 Big Book Conference, and December 9, 2017 Winter Assembly
    Added documents from October GSR Meeting (including September Meeting minutes) to the District Meeting Minutes & Reports Page
    Also included in those documents is 2018 Northern Illinois Area NIA 20 Calendar

  19. Uploaded District 11 Reports for August & September that will be presented at the September District 11 GSR meeting 9/7/17
    (September Agenda and Treasurer reports. August District Meeting Minutes and Answering Service Report)

  20. Uploaded latest PDF file for printing out District 11 meeting schedule (September 2017). Also added Quarterly Dole Mansion Meeting to Events page for September 9th. I didn’t have all details, but as usual its a speaker meeting full of fellowship and inspiration. stt

  21. uploaded multiple reports to the District Meeting Minutes & Reports page for August District 11 GSR meeting including meeting agenda, DCM Report and Summer Committee Info that will be discussed by DCM. Answering Service Report is summary for July so its found under the July reports list.

    Added Events for August – August 5th 2017 Summer Committee Meeting LaFox and 2017 Illinois State Conference Aug 11-13 Rosemont

  22. uploaded July District Meeting Minutes and August 3 2017 Treasurer Report (July Statement)

  23. uploaded Meeting Minutes for June 2017, Agenda for July 2017 District 11 GSR meeting, and a few other flyers (GrapeVine news, Lavina Newsletter and GSO donation suggestion)
    These will be mentioned at this months District GSR meeting by our DCM

  24. Our site had some issues with plugins this past week and our website was down or partially functional at various times. Thanks to those who contacted us when they encountered issues – please DO inform us when you see a problem with the site. If you don’t know already, you can contact most of the committees by simply using the committee name @aa-nia-dist11.org so webmaster @ aa-nia-dist11.org (without the spaces) would be the email address to contact the webmaster and alternate webmaster.

    When the site is working correctly you can also contact us thru the contact us page: http://aa-nia-dist11.org/contact-us/
    Although you could probably get a message to us thru the aa hotline phone number, that number is not intended for website issues – it is for helping people find a meeting or otherwise get connected to someone in AA that can get them more info about aa in general.

    Removed link from home page that was linked to old meeting schedule by town and by day. Note that the other town names will conveniently open a list for their respective towns on the searchable meeting finder of the “new” meeting schedule page.

  25. Corrected typo in name of Sunday 530 Meeting Crystal Lake – Big Book Study (was Bif Book Study)- though I suppose a Bif study may be useful -he exhibited some “ism” in Back to the Future 😉

  26. Updated Service Committee page – new chairpersons, Workshop ended.
    Deleted email addresses for Workshop (no longer active committee) and Newsletter (Committee has been dormant).
    Uploaded June 1st DCM Mtg Agenda and Alt DCM report, May Meeting Minutes, and Answering Service Call log

  27. Added event Night Out at the Dole Mansion quarterly meeting for June 10th, 2017

  28. added a couple events to the schedule:
    1. Summer Assembly June 10th at La Fox
    2. 30th Annual Wolf River AA Camping Trip White Lake Wi

  29. Meeting Schedule Updates/Corrections
    1. Corrected meeting location of Sunday Night Beginners Group #135243 at St. Paul Episcopal in McHenry (was incorrectly listed as McHenry Alano Club).
    2. Removed Friday 7:30PM at S.P.I.R.I.T. Center (SPIRIT Center) #713486 – ALL meetings have been cancelled at Spirit Center as that facility has closed down.
    3. Replaced JUN2017schedule-WEB-01stt.pdf file of Meeting schedule to match above corrections – added comment in file “This PDF File Updated May 19, 2017” to clarify, since its same file name.
    4. Added some notes to the old schedule page (Meeting Schedule Archived) to make obvious the info is outdated. I also disabled the jump links on that page because they were jumping to new page not down the old page.

    Other corrections to meeting schedule may be needed, so PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know if you find an error.
    We do our best to proof read this stuff, but the words get blurry after many hours of staring – so please don’t get angry or resentful, get involved 😀

  30. Added Event – 10th Annual Women’s Retreat sponsored by Flying Geese Group- note the deadline for registration in July 21, 2017

  31. Updated Meeting Schedule 2 new meetings added (Sunday 7PM Three Legacies Group Crystal Lake, Saturday Women’s Noon Harvard).
    plus several meeting name changes. Corrected location of Wednesday 7:30PMM Crystal Lake- Men’s Keep It Simple meeting to The Pointe (it was incorrectly shown as Prince Of Peace).

  32. We have migrated to the new searchable Meeting Schedule function and depreciated the schedule page where all meetings were posted on a scrolling page.

    Benefits of the new display include:
    – Easily searchable meeting schedule by town, day, time, meeting type and a fuzzy search
    – Mobile ready display
    – Data is synced with the Meeting Guide Mobile App (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play).
    – Easier to maintain the list
    – Detail pages provide meeting information and a map with a click for directions link
    Migration included:
    – Create an archived version of the previous meeting schedule page
    – Update the main navigation
    – Update all internal links

  33. Uploaded to District 11 reports page – April 2017 Meeting Minutes and May Meeting Agenda

  34. I made a couple changes to the meeting schedule page:
    1. 7:30PM Friday Womnen’s 12&12 698957 Meeting Whispering Hills Johnsburg has been cancelled as of 4/28/17.
    2. 7:30PM Sundays Hope Church Crystal Lake starting 4/30/17 New Speaker Meeting 11th Step Meditation “Sunday Night Serenity” added to searchable database (no group number yet). It was already added to the “old” page by day and by town, but updated to designate its a Speaker Meeting.
    Expect the “old” scrollable meeting page to be removed in next month or 2 with new searchable database version being the one used exclusively… there is a note on the “old” scrollable page with link to info about the newer version including the app that the information interacts with allowing people to search for meetings all over the globe (eventually – currently US and Canada).

  35. Added (a probably too long) introduction to help highlight the new interactive schedule that is still in beta testing – I suspect the new version will replace the old version in near future once it gets the ok from the General Service Representatives in our District 11. Feel free to submit comments and suggestions about the meeting schedule layout. If you wish to have a voice in the decision of using the new schedule or not, please let your meeting GSR know and if the meeting doesn’t have one – volunteer! GSR meetings are monthly – currently in Woodstock (see home page for address). Your Webmaster STT

  36. Corrected Saturday meeting time to 6:30PM for Harvard Alano Club (was 8PM) The info was already correct in the “new” searchable schedule, but was not updated until today for by town/by day scrollable schedule (“The old” meeting schedule).
    Added NEW meeting to schedule 7:30 PM 11Th Step Meditation [No. to be determined (NEW MEETING STARTS 4/30/17)

  37. Fixed missing maps for events.
    Added a few events for this weeken April 8th (Pre-General Service Conference Workshop) April 9th Spring Conference Planning Committee Meeting

  38. added a few events – Dole Quarterly THIS Saturday (March 11, 2017) and Harvard Steak Fry (June 10th, 2017-need more info). 43rd Annual NIA Spring Conference 2017 (March 24-26). The conference was added to event calendar as 3 separate days – similar to past, this workaround ensures the event shows as occurring on all 3 days instead of just the starting day.

  39. New try to minimize the endless sea of spam sent to our chairpersons, I added the google recaptcha tool to the contact forms – previous a more “generic” random code captcha was used. The google recaptcha uses a (usually) easier for humans photo image “puzzle” and/or an I’m not a robot button. Email addresses were removed from the site (though I may have missed a few), so the forms will be needed or people will need to type in the email address – the info is there, just not in a full email address form so spam bots won’t harvest it.
    Example an email that was example@example.com now is listed as example@ with a note that says add example.com after the @ symbol to determine email address – in our case that’s aa-nia-dist11.org after the @ symbol.

    Related to this – many pages were updated to encourage visitors to use the form if one exists on the respective page or visit the contact us page which has form for ALL committees.

  40. NEW LOCATION FOR Monthly District GSR/Committee meeting (starting April 2017)- the NEW location is First United Methodist Church of Woodstock 201 West South Street Woodstock, IL 60098.
    This address is posted on several pages, so hopefully I found them all – if you find the old location posted (First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake) or any typos on the website please inform the webmaster thru the contact us page.
    Location updated on following pages:
    Home page with new location note
    Contact US
    District Meeting Minutes with new location note
    Meeting Schedule with map link
    Service Committees
    and Events- recurring monthly

  41. STT Posted Monthly reports for Monthly GSR meeting for Agenda, DCM, Webmaster, Answering Service, and Feb Meeting minutes.
    Uploaded March 1 2017 pdf file release of meeting schedule.
    Uploaded District 11 Treasurers Report for March 2017

  42. 1. SATURDAY WOODSTOCK Alano Club, deleted 7PM meeting. 2. Deleted Sunday Woodstock, Centegra 10AM meeting. 3. Time change for Thursday The Other Side from 7PM to 7:30PM and meeting type change- Big Book Study. 4. Updated PDF file with markup to match these changes – new file “Feb142017”

  43. HG Update to Events Calendar – Winners & Beginners May 20th
    STT Uploaded Feb 2 2017 Treasurer Report to Meeting Minutes & Reports page

  44. Added a couple events – Feb 11, 2017 Tradition & Family Workshop, Jan 27, 2018 Hinckley Pork Chop Dinner (yep got the early jump on this one!)
    Updated Oldtimers Brunch speaker info and name – 20th Annual (not 19th – last year I had labeled as 18th – so it was wrong last year too?!).

  45. Another revision to the online schedule – removed Woodstock Alano Club Saturday 7:00PM Big Book [No.706242].
    Replaced PDF with this meeting crossed out 1/9/17 new filename is DEC2016scheduleWEB01-WithNote-jan092017.pdf

  46. Added Documents provided for January 2017 Monthly District Meeting, including Last months meeting minutes (posted under Dec 2016).
    Added Event – 1/28/17 Hinckley Big Book Speaker Meeting Pork Chop Dinner. New meeting announcement – Alano Club Crystal Lake Sundays 8AM starting 1/15/17.
    Updated a few known meeting changes to online schedule – Enchanted Cottage Group meetings move from Dole Mansion to Park Place.

    Updated the downloadable PDF file of the meeting schedule – like previously it is December 2016 Schedule file marked up to reflect the changes. A “formal” new file will be issued when the next printed schedule update is released.

    Slight revision of Feedback section of Schedule Page to help make who to contact more clear (Secretary for new meetings and meeting changes, schedule maker to correct errors in printed schedule and Webmaster for website suggestions or corrections)

  47. Added Wheelchair access note to Wonder Lake Nativity Lutheran Church – Wednesday 8PM 12&12 meeting also added note to PDF file which is a markup of the most recent copy provided with printed schedules (info in the PDF file and printed version is not always as current as the online meeting schedule page).

  48. Added event for this Saturday 12/10/16 Night At The Dole in Crystal Lake, IL – I don’t yet know Speakers.
    Added Roger H as male speaker for the Old Timer Brunch Feb 2017- Female speaker to be announced.

  49. Updated District 11 Meeting Schedule and posted new PDF version that matches December 2016 printed version (PDF file has note to point out that the Web version does not contain personal contact information – the original file states “With Contact Information.” I crossed that out and added my note. This file will likely be updated in the near future. The meeting content is current to 12/1/16.
    Posted November 2016 District meeting minutes, Treasurer report and Proposed budget (presented at November meeting).
    Posted December 2016 District Meeting Agenda, December Treasurer report and 2017 Proposed Budget (December Revision).
    Added Winter Assembly (Dec 10 2016)and Old Timers Brunch (Feb 19 2017) to events.

  50. Removed phone number for Harvard Alano Club from online Meeting schedule AND blocked it out on downloadable PDF because number was not current contact information. This will remain removed until new information is provided.

  51. Several mostly minor updates and maybe a couple very important updates:
    1. Tweaked the note on homepage about need for volunteers. Removed December announcement of newly elected/filled committees.
    2. Removed old info of open slots for volunteers for Answering service – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ALL TIMES!
    3. Contact Us – renamed 2 committees – Accessibility Committee formerly Special Needs and Treatment Committee formerly Treatment Facilities. No change (yet) to the email addresses for these two committees. Corrected alphabetizing- was alphabetized by email address instead of chair committee name (and even that was incorrect OOPS!)
    4. Updated Service Committee chairpersons and open/filled positions. Renamed Accessibilty and Treatment committees.
    5. Add District Meeting Minutes and Reports Page which will contain downloadable pdf copy of Monthly Meeting Minutes, Meeting Agenda, and various Committee Reports (where available – I uploaded the past 2 years to get started)

  52. I added 1 speaker meeting event September 30th. My apologies to the District as I feel I’ve been a bit lax in updating the District information this past month or more. Particularly related to open Chair positions and new chair persons. We still have many open positions available, so if you want to get involved (Including being Webmaster Alternate to help me out!!) – come on out to the next district meeting and/or contact any of the existing District Chairpersons for more information.

  53. Removed contribution information from the District 11 meeting schedule page and replaced with link to the Forms page. Updated NIA 20 mailing address (to Yorkville PO Box 1056) on forms page. Added link (and verbage) on Corrections page to Volunteer form (on the forms page). Edited mailing information for contributions to match what is shown on GSO and NIA 20 websites. Added link to online submission for GSO on forms page. Added direct link to forms page of NIA 20 website for current Donation form to eliminate outdated form on our District page. Added downloadable donation form for District 11 on the contact us page.

  54. Finished updating District 11 meeting schedule (By Town) – current info for August 1 2016.
    Added town name and IL to addresses of each location to make recognizable as address on smart phones and right-click browser accelerators. I may include direct link to google map entry (which currently exists for Alano Clubs- a test I had in place for several months). Another possibility will be a google map with pin locations of meetings.

  55. Partially updated district 11 meeting schedule page “By Day” is current and the PDF download is current to match the release of the August 2016 printed schedule. The “By Town” section will be updated later this week (I got tired out – my superpowers failed me!).

  56. Added District 10 Newsletter issues July 2016 and August 2016 to IntoAction Newsletter page since our newsletter has been dormant and some people have inquired about other nearby district activities.

  57. Added one speaker meeting announcement for July 29th 2016 to events… take a look!

  58. added 2017 ISCYPAA XXXV event to calendar – the date is TBA so its been posted based on the early registration deadline of December 31, 2016. The event info will update when available:

    PS my apologies to ISCYPAA for being delinquent and forgetting to post their Pajama Party that happened over the weekend – I am sure it was still a success despite my lack of help and I hope you all had a fun time!!

  59. Updated recurring event NIB ISCYPAA Speaker meeting – formerly known as BID for ISCYPAA, since the bid was won, the B is NIB now stands for BRINGS. I also removed link to flyer because it has been difficult to keep the flyer current, I don’t want to confuse visitors who might not realize the flyer is outdated.

  60. Updated Events – McHenry Soberfest FunRaiser in August added more details and link to current flyer. Soberfest 3 day event added weekend activity highlights and link to registration form.

  61. Added event to Calendar – Harvard Steak Fry. If you have an upcoming AA related event – particularly involving District 11, feel free to send the info to the webmaster (that’s me!) through the contact us page. Please include as much info as possible – the more info provided the more information I can post, though I try to keep it minimal for easy reading in the event calendar. If you provide flyer as PDF, Word Doc, or Jpg it will usually be added as a download – visit the events page for guidelines of what can be posted.

  62. Updated Meeting Schedule – District 11 page:
    1. Updated downloadable PDF file to May 2016 version (MAY2016scheduleWEB.pdf).
    2. added/corrected a few meeting numbers for The Other Side (Crystal Lake), Harvard Alano Club (added group [No.610882] where missing and corrected Saturday meeting # to match (all meetings have same number at Harvard Alano Club).

  63. Update meeting schedule for district 11. initially updated Sorted By Day listings. Several meetings changed times and names. A couple new meetings were added and a few were removed. The By Town listing will be updated later today if possible and the PDF file will follow. New printed schedules will be available in near future.

  64. Added announcement for New meeting Solution Run Riot in Crystal Lake Saturdays 9PM at the Alano Club Of Crystal Lake – it will be added to schedule in future once fully established.

  65. After this months District GSR meeting there are 2 new (reopened) chair positions – Newsletter Chair and Alternate Secretary.
    See these and the rest of the service positions on the Service Committee page

  66. A couple more meeting schedule updates/corrections related to Wish House in Woodstock, IL
    1. 1st the phone number was incorrect (had 5708 instead of 5780) correct number is 815-308-5780
    2. Meetings are Open Women’s Meetings, the description “1, 2, 3 Step” was removed from Saturday 10AM meeting.
    3. The Saturday meeting address is different than the Wednesday meetings – changed from 1019 Tappan to 1018 Clay.
    As a reminder this information is NOT updated in the PDF download, yet – the download will be updated when the next printed version is released (or hopefully sooner, if I get the file before then -that date is to be announced).

  67. Updated the online meeting schedule, both “by day” and “by town.” to reflect a cancelled meeting and misspelling of a street name along with several lesser miscellaneous typos:
    Note that the PDF version of the Meeting schedule was not changed – that is a non-edible file. I was able to mark it up originally when it was 1st created, but the tools do not work on the revised file and there are too many to try to cut and paste – it will be updated next time the printed version is revised.

    Today’s updates:

    Meeting schedule corrections/updates February 2/24/16

    1. Crystal Lake Alano Club
    MO–7:00 PM Men’s Camcelled

    Removed from “sort by day” and “sorted by town”

    2. Online “searchable by day” and “searchable by town”
    corrected typo misspelling of JEFFREY Street for Monday 7PM meeting
    and Friday 7:30PM meetings (missing was incorrect as “Jeery.”

    Correct address is:
    Whispering Hills Community Center
    4708 Jeffrey Street Johnsburg

    Note that a typo still exists in the PDF file download – I do not have ability to edit that file at this time.
    It will (hopefully) be updated when the schedule is updated for print in the future.
    That typo was only transposed ER instead of RE in “JeffREy”

    4. I removed note about changing time for St John’s Lutheran meeting
    “NOTE: Time changed to 7:00 PM starting 1/1/2016”

    5, Similarly removed note for Friday 7PM, 1st Baptist Church in Marengo
    NOTE: Time changed to 7:00 PM starting 1/1/2016

    6. Similarly removed the following note from searchable file
    From Lakemoor (replaced with a new note for Lakemoor- “No Meetings”)

    FRIDAY — — — — — — — — — — —

    See Woodstock 10 PM Living In The Solution
    All Star Building
    1007 Rand Rd.
    O— 10:00 PM Discussion (Candlelight) [No.711782]

  68. added 7 new events for NIA 20, ISCYPAA, and other NIA 20 districts events. The 1st event is this coming weekend so don’t hesitate to check what’s happening on the Events page.

    A couple larger events/conferences posted include ISCYPAA XXXIV in March and NIA 20 Big Book Conference in October. If you find an error in an event post please contact me, the Webmaster through the Contact Us page, so I can make corrections as soon as possible.

  69. made a few minor updates on some important topics!
    1. a. added new chairpersons from January District 11 GSR meeting to the Service Committee page. Excellent to see a several seats filled, but there are still more – so don’t be afraid to step up and get involved yourself – besides, the existing committee chairs need help, too.

    b. removed the bolded lettering of the newly filled chair positions, mainly to give a little more focus on the vacant chair positions (bold and red), plus I don’t want to give false impression I am putting any of the new chairpersons on a pedestal, after “all have clay feet” hehe! I AM pleased to see more people have stepped up – as one of my good friends in AA, John D always said when he’d give his GSR report “Big things are happening in AA!”

    2. Meeting schedule page updated the wording slightly to reflect the meetings in Marengo time change is now in effect as 7:00PM. I will likely leave this and note about Lakemoor meeting that moved to Woodstock as extra notes for another month or 2 if not until next printed schedule comes out, since there are always old schedules floating around, it may help people recognize the changes.

  70. After District meeting yesterday we filled a few of the open chair positions (yay! But there are still MANY vacancies!).
    Filled (and updated info on Service Committees page today):
    Answering Service (Dale H) and Alternate (Dan M), CPC Alternate (Mitch), Public Info (Emily) and Alternate (Sid).

    I was informed that the Bridge The Gap chair position actually is integrated with the Treatment Facility Chair position since those committees deal with much of the same.
    The email addresses for each of those positions will remain active (at least for now).

    You may find one or 2 additional Events posted… go ahead an take a peak at the events page, it won’t hurt: District 11 Events Page

  71. Webmaster Updates between 12/20/15 and 1/6/16

    Happy New Year everyone!
    I hope yours has started out awesome and gets better every day 😉

    Here’s a summary of some of the changes/updates on the site:
    1. Added links on homepage to jump directly to the meeting schedule page sorted by day list and sorted by town.

    2. Added a few new events. Be sure to check the events page for what’s coming up.

    3. Added Service Committees page with list of Chair Positions, current volunteers and the still vacant (open) positions. Included on that page is a download file of the description of the responsibilities of each chair position (“Job Descriptions”) – check it out and please get involved!
    Many of the Chair positions had a “changing of the guards” as the service term of those positions ended and new volunteers were voted in at the December 2015 meeting. The newly elected are highlighted in bold and blue color.

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