What’s What’s New?

This What’s New page is not a “newsletter” or blog page, it’s simply posts from the Webmaster (or other committee members) about recent changes to this site, current issues in the district, and otherwise items that might need more attention and do not quite fit in other pages or topics.

This page may or may not allow posts from others in the future, but for now its strictly for committee posts.  I hope you find it informative!

Yours in service,
Sean T.
District 11 Webmaster

Webmaster updates

I started this topic “Webmaster Updates” 12/11/15 to share a summary of what changes are made each time I do an update to this website (except maybe minor tweaks of typos and such).  Hopefully it’ll help keep the new content from getting lost in cyberspace!
If not already seeing the current comments, click on “Webmaster Updates” title to open the page.

December Elections

Several committee positions were filled by election at the December 3rd Meeting.  There are still plenty of service positions available.

Besides the committee chair position themselves, there are many other activities and committee support that can use volunteers.  Whether or not you are a GSR for a group you are welcome to attend the GSR meeting and find out what’s happening in AA and learn how you can get involved.

Please consider volunteering for a position yourself and pass the information to others who are looking for ways to be of service to AA.

The committee consists of the following elected (limited term) and appointed positions:

Archives Committee
Bridge The Gap (BTG)
Correctional Facilities (CF)
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)
District Committee Member (DCM)
Local Committee Member (LCM)
Literature Committee
Newsletter (Into Action) Editor
Public Information (PI)
Schedule Maker
Special Needs
Treatment Facilities (TF)
Workshop Committee

In the near future, the descriptions of the various committee responsibilities will be posted on this site.