Bridge The Gap

The gap from treatment to Alcoholics Anonymous can be of one of the more “slippery” places in the journey to sobriety between the treatment facility and the nearest AA group or meeting.  Some recovering alcoholics can tell you that, even though we heard of AA in treatment, we were too fearful to go.

There are recovering alcoholics who can help you bridge the gap between treatment and AA meetings. They can take you to a variety of AA meetings, introduce you to other members of AA, and talk to you about sponsorship and a home group. If you are interested in making contact with one of these recovering alcoholics, please leave your contact information and a volunteer will be found for you.

Information needed: Your name, the date you will be leaving treatment, the town or zip code where you will be living when you leave treatment and a phone number where you can be reached before or after leaving treatment.

You can contact us by phone at (815) 455-3311 or contact by email (see form below or the Contact Us page) and state that you are interested in making a “Bridge the Gap Temporary Contact.”

AA #3Volunteering to do “Bridge the Gap” – 12th Step Work.
As you know as a recovering alcoholic, it can be a big step walking into an AA meeting for the first time, or asking someone to be your sponsor when you are not even sure what a sponsor is or does.

A Bridge the Gap Volunteer (B-T-G) is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous who assists the alcoholic while they are transitioning out of the treatment facility program. The primary purpose of this is to help them bridge the gap to Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a short term arrangement to help a newcomer become established in a group, and find sponsorship.

If you are interested in being a part of this program as a B-T-G Volunteer, you will be called upon to help a newcomer by matching their zip code, gender, and age group whenever possible. A minimum sobriety requirement of one year is suggested for temporary contacts.

Information Needed:
Your Name
Sex (Male or Female)
Sobriety Date
Age (Optional)
Your Town or Zip Code
Your Phone number and Email Address

Email information using the form below:
(Note Bridge The Gap in District 11 is currently handled by the Treatment Committee)

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